Thank you.

I WON! I’m an award winning blogger! That feels weird to say out loud…

To say that last weekend was a good’un would be a little bit of an understatement. I won the HBC Best New & Noteworthy 2018 Blog Award!! And it’s down to all of YOU for voting and believing in me.

I wanted to write a short, but (hopefully) sweet post about my win and to thank all of you.

Thank you to every person who takes the time to read each post, comment on captions and communicate your thoughts and opinions with me. I have received so many lovely messages and I’m working my way through responding so another big thank you for reaching out to congratulate me. I would not be here without you all.

What started as a platform to share and talk openly about my thoughts, opinions and to discuss my passions which just so happen to be health, fitness and our bodies has turned into something so much more than that. Although it’s still a baby, I think I’m on my way to getting those opinions, rambles and thoughts heard – AND hopefully, helping some like-minded people on the way.

I don’t and won’t ever claim to be the industry expert, because I’m not. But I think that’s what makes my blog different. I don’t promise to have all the answers, and what I speak about shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth (and if you’re ever in doubt, please do consult a GP or professional!) but I will always try to be as open, honest and truthful as possible.

My blog is here not only for me, but for you too. To show you that whatever you’re going through, someone else has probably experienced something similar and has come out the other end. Our journeys may not be the same, and that is completely okay and normal. But we might also have more similarities than you realise. We are all trying to figure it out; we all make mistakes and we’re all human! There’s safety in numbers and the more we stick together and support each other, the stronger we will be.

My content isn’t about getting super lean, abs or the perfect peach. It’s about self-love, mindfulness and balance whilst making the most out of the things and activities I love to do.

Wining this award has given me so much confidence not only in my blog, but in myself and what I am capable of when I set my mind to something. So here’s to The Bath Blogger. More blog posts, recipes, rambles and most importantly, how to find balance between life, fitness and food!!

One last thank you. Thank you to the incredible community that is the HBC and most importantly, Fab and Samantha. You both inspire so many and you have created such a wonderful community. One that I am so proud to be a member of. To view the rest of the incredible winners, click here. They’re pretty incredible women.

I LOVE hearing from you and connecting with new people so please never hesitate to get in contact! Emails, Instagram DMs or comments here.

I’m so thankful for each and everyone one of you.

Amy xo.

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