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CBD : My Thoughts & Experiences.

The past year has seen CBD and hemp-infused products take the health and wellness industry BY STORM. It’s in bath bombs, lattes, potions and lotions – you name it and they’ll be an infused version.

Praised for its healing properties – pain, anxiety, inflammation, sleep (in addition to a laundry list of others) it’s no wonder more and more people are wanting to give it a try.

I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical and I put off doing so for quite some time. There is a BIG stigma surrounding marijuana, CBD and less conventional health remedies. But, that’s also why I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with CBD.

You know I’m all for speaking up and breaking stigmas so if this could help or advise just one person, I’m absolutely going to do it. Plus, if this is a product that could potentially heal naturally, it definitely needs to be spoken about!!

The lovely founder of essentls reached out to see if I wanted to give it a go, and even though I was somewhat aware of the benefits, I was still a little hesitant.

I don’t smoke, I’ve never done drugs and I don’t have any desire to be high. BUT, I’m a massive fan of naturopathic remedies. I really don’t like taking antibiotics, I’ll always try to avoid taking them if I can. I’d much rather drink herbal teas, try probiotics and rest up.

However, the interest was there. So, I did my research and I read A LOT. CDB is natural, legal, non-psychoactive and will NOT give you a high or euphoric feeling. Just to put that out there. Of course I go into more detail throughout this post, but I just wanted to state that from the outset.

So, What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a component of the marijuana plant that contains healing properties. It’s a natural oil which is extracted from the flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant.

CBD products come in may forms – pills, oils, creams, lip balms and more. There is still differing evidence on the effects of CBD and if it works. A lot of the information out there is anecdotal due to lack of factual-based scientific research. Again, I’m not a doctor, nutritionist or CBD expert, I’ve just done a bit of research to ensure I’m writing to the best of my ability.

Hemp vs. Cannabis.

This was where I kind of struggled if I’m honest. There was a lot of information. Some of it did go over my head. But, this is what I managed to take away from it all.

There are 2 types of CBD. Every product is either hemp derived or cannabis derived. Hemp CBD is made from industrial hemp. Cannabis CBD is from the medical marijuana plant.

Hemp CBD products are widely available online whereas cannabis derived CBD products are available from medical dispensaries.

essentls CBD.

essentls CBD oils are produced from raw hemp through C02 extraction. This process is the gentlest approach to extraction and preserves all the beneficial substances from the hemp plant.

The Gold-Grade CBD means that firstly, it’s gold in colour, triple distilled and is also at its highest concentration.

Key takeaways from essentls as a brand.

  • Their products are natural and safe.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They adhere to strict qualities and standards.
  • Their products are Gold-Grade meaning it has the purest concentrations of CBD.

essentls have also created two flavours alongside the original. Peppermint and Sweet Orange. I’ve tried both, but I have to say my personal favourite is the peppermint! Try adding a few drops into mint tea for an extra refreshing cuppa.

So, what are the benefits of CBD?

Well, how long do you have? I’m not going to go into LOADS of detail because we’d be here all day. But I am going to list a few.

  • Reducing chronic pain
  • Limiting epileptic seizures
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Reducing nausea
  • Depression treatment
  • Lessening inflammatory bowel disease symptoms
  • Helping with insomnia
  • Reducing psoriasis
  • Lower risk of diabetes

And those are just a few I pulled from websites!

How do you use CBD oil?

There isn’t really a right or wrong way, it’s just about finding what works for you. But that doesn’t really provide you with an answer. So, these are some of the most common…

  1. 4-8 drops under the tongue, up to x4 daily as needed.
  2. Added to salad dressing.
  3. Drop into your morning tea/ coffee.
  4. Rub directly onto the skin as an anti-inflammatory.


When I first received the CBD oils, I put a little poll up on my Instagram stories asking firstly, if anyone had tried it before and secondly, if anyone had any questions.

I was pleasantly surprised with how many people had tried it if I’m honest! And with regards to the questions, here are a few of them below.

1. Did or has it helped you with stress?
Yes and no. At the moment, I’d consider my stress levels to be higher than normal. Going through a recent break up, moving house and moving back in with my parents has meant I’m dealing with a pretty full plate. So it’s difficult to say whether it has helped. I don’t feel as stressed as I thought I might have been, but I also practice yoga, maintain an active lifestyle so I do think that including CBD has helped.

2. Did it help you sleep?

This one is a no-brainer. Yes. The first night I put 6 drops under my tongue and slept amazingly. It might have been a slight placebo effect, but it was amazing. I also woke up feeling SO revitalised and not the finest bit drowsy (which was a slight concern of mine). I’ve noticed when I use it consistently, I do sleep a lot better.

3. Can you take it on flights?

This one stumped me and again so I took to Google for the answers. It’s totally safe to fly with! If you’re an anxious traveller, this could be your saving grace.

4. What should I look for in purchasing my own?
It depends on your budget, symptoms and what you’d like to get from it. Some CDB oils are very expensive so I’d say suggest reading reviews both on the brand and also taste. I’m also a fan of supporting small start-ups so that’s always a good place to start! Visit the essentls website here to buy yours today!

Final Thoughts.

Having used CBD for about a month, I have noticed that my sleep has really improved when used regularly. I tend to opt for 8 drops about 10 minutes before going to sleep.

I sleep much deeper, my quality of sleep is better and I wake up with an added spring in my step. I tend to get quite anxious about not getting enough sleep as it does really affect me. So I’d say adding CBD into my routine has reduced my anxiety and more importantly, my sleep anxiety.

I’ve also found that it’s improved my sleep hygiene. I put my phone on charge away from my bed and 30 minutes before my ‘bed time’ and I don’t touch it. I’m putting this new habit down to really wanting to improve my quality of sleep.

So, thank you essentls for kickstarting it!

AND, if you are interested in trying it for yourselves, the code ‘AMY10’ will save you 10%!

Have you tried CBD yet? If so, what are your experiences? I’d love to know! Feel free to send me a message on Instagram, or leave a comment below.

Amy xo.

*I was kindly gifted essentls CBD Oil, but as with all reviews, thoughts, opinions and experiences are totally honest.*

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