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tOATally New Nairns!

My lifestyle is different from the average 24 year old, but it works. I’m often out the house by 6:15am and sometimes I’m not home until gone 8pm. I have an active, on-the-go lifestyle so sit-down meals are luxury but I wouldn’t change it.

I’m your typical busy-body, never in the same place for more than a few hours and often caught snacking whilst driving or walking from A to B!

I’m also a creature of habit – there is no doubt about it. Ask any one of my friends or family and they’ll be able to confirm it. And with that habit comes food habits and more importantly, the food routine I tend to stick to which looks a bit like this…

Breakfast, savoury snack, lunch, sweet snack, dinner. Quite often at similar times.

Food is a really important part of my day and not just because of the role it plays functionally, but also because I love to enjoy healthy, wholesome food. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m nourishing my body with what it needs. I like to eat little and often as this ensures I’m always able to keep going and keep on the move – food is fuel after all! You wouldn’t deny a car petrol, and we should think of our bodies in the same way.

If I don’t have enough energy, my concentration is usually the first thing that is affected. Second to that, is performance in the gym and then, my general productivity. I’m also less likely to get to the gym because I find it hard to dig deep for that extra boost of motivation!

There is nothing worse than feeling sluggish and lacking energy because you’re not adequately energised. Equally, it isn’t enjoyable when you have big sugar highs and lows. So the real satisfaction of finding a tasty snack that you look forward to eat is really important to me.

Having always been relatively health conscious and having grown up with healthy parents, oat cakes have been in my family home for what feels like forever. My mum still tends to have the odd packet of oatcakes at the bottom of her handbag and I’ve totally inherited that!

I’ve always loved how versatile they can be which is why I was delighted to try out the new range from Nairns.

Back in January, I tried Veganuary and whilst I’ve added a few non-vegan foods back into my diet, some of my friends decided to remain largely vegan so food shopping for meals and snacks must be both vegetarian AND vegan friendly. Which is harder than you think especially when it comes to bars, sweet and savoury snacks! The demand for free-from snacks is definitely on the rise so its been great to see Nairns react to this.

The struggle for vegan sweet snacks has been resolved! The flapjack-like Oat Bars come in 3 flavour combinations, contain no artificial flavours and are suitable for vegans!

I’m a chocolate lover and my friend is berry kinda guy so I’ve been opting for the cacao and orange, and he the mixed berry. It’s such a relief being able to grab these on the go and also only have to buy one snack variation! A time and money saver.

The introduction of the new bars also coincidences with the new Pops Oats which I am tOATally obsessed with. It’s a mixture between a rice cake and a bag of crisps, but better. These aren’t vegan, but I’m not mad about it – it means these are all mine!

They have 60% less saturated fat than your average packet of crisps and are also a great source of fibre. It’s been in the news recently that we don’t get enough fibre in our diets so try adding a bag of these into your full day of eating and you’ll be well on your way!

I’m a real fan of the salt and vinegar ones. Dipped in cottage cheese, Philadelphia or on their own, they’re really tasty. I’ve been reaching for a pack most days at around 11am. I prefer to save my sweet snack until mid-afternoon!

It sounds strange that oats can be transformed into something that resemble crisps or flapjacks, but as soon as you try them, you’ll totally get where I’m coming from and you won’t look back!

Easy, healthy but delicious on-the-go snacking just got even easier!

The Oat Bars and Pop Oats are available from Waitrose while stocks last!

Have you got tried them yet?! As always, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Amy xo.

Note: This blog post was sponsored by Nairns but as always, all views are my own and honest of my epxeriences. I would never promote a product I don’t genuinely enjoy.

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