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The Perfect [Vegan] Valentines Biscuit.

Jammie Dodgers are a childhood favourite of mine. They’d be my go-to after school treat especially if I was able to dunk them in my dad’s tea! Apparently, shop bought Jammie Dodgers are vegan, but I was skeptical so I decided to make my own.

Plus, homemade biscuist are SO much better and with Valentines Day around the corner, I thought they’d be a very fitting gesture to gift my loved ones.

The jam centre has a slight tartness that balances out the sweet biscuit. Now, I’m a big lover of all things sweet, but anything too sickly does put me off and means that you can’t enjoy as many! Luckily, these were just right.

4 ingredients, 8 steps, 10 minutes and you’re laughing!

Disclaimer: I did use shop bought jam (sorry) but if you’ve got the time, homemade Raspberry Chia Jam would be divine sandwiched in the middle of these buttery biscuits!

Serving Size.

Makes 14 biscuits.



1. Cream butter & sugar in a bowl.
2. Add in flour, continue to mix until you have a dough.
3. Wrap in clingfilm, chill in the fridge for 20 mins.
4. Roll out dough & cut using cutters.
5. Use a smaller cutter to make smaller hearts on half of the cookies.
6. Transfer to baking sheet, cook for 8-10 mins.
7. Leave to cool, then fill with jam.
8. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoy these super simple biscuits, and if you’re in the mood for baking, why not try these Protein Polka Dot Cookies!

I used whey protein as this was before I decided to try out veganism, but you could easily substitute it with vegan protein!

Happy V-Day!

Amy xo.

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