This segment of The Bath Blogger is one that might not be as updated as regularly as other parts (much to my disappointment), but it is one that I just had to include. Travel and travelling is up there with one of the things that really gets me excited to plan, prepare and research.

If you’ve read my Backstory post, you’ll know that my ex-boyfriend moved to NZ shortly after we met and when we were together, we were able to go on some really amazing adventures – Thailand, New York, Mykonos and Copenhagen to name just a few. He’s was very well travelled so it was inevitable that I was also going to get the travel bug!

Whenever I travel, I’m budget conscious, but this doesn’t ever stop me doing exactly what I want to do. I still get to see all the sites, eat in the places I’d like too and sip on the nicest cocktails usually on roof top bars.

I hope that within this segment I am able to share my passion for travel and my love for experiencing new cultures with you, all whilst being on a budget with the aim to show you that budgeting abroad can be done!

Holidays are wonderful, and I want to show you how you can have an incredible time whilst keeping an eye on your hard earned cash! I’ve learnt some tips and tricks along the way, and I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you.

As with the rest of my reviews, I will always be honest and if I don’t think somewhere is worth visiting or isn’t up to scratch, I will always say so.

If there is anywhere you’d like me to review, or, if you’ve visited any of the same places, leave a comment, email me or let me know on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

Amy xo.


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