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Nuasan Active Bodycare.

A brand to get to know.

Nuasan are a new brand, growing rapidly, creating amazing performing products that are beneficial to you, your body and minimise damage to the planet. Based in Ireland, Nuasan Active Skin & Bodycare launched in January 2020.

Their products contain arnica, bamboo, magnesium, macro-algae, aha (and if this doesn’t make you want to say ‘aahhaa’ we can’t be friends) peppermint, macadamia, tea tree, oats, aloe vera, thymol, and vitamin E. All chosen for their beneficial qualities in bring you a performing body care range. I’ve tried and tested the products and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all!

Active Body Wipes.

Individually wrapped body wipes may seems a little indulgent and I sort of thought that too, but once you’ve tried them, you won’t look back TRUST me.

They’re the perfect gym bag component, hiking accessory or running vest add-on. And when I say you don’t need more than one, I mean you don’t need more than one. They really are so much more effective than a baby wipe!

The brand invites you to ‘cleanse and cooldown’ with lasting freshness. I tried the wipes immediately after my run and as someone who goes as RED as a tomato immediately after exercising, I was delighted that they cooled my face and didn’t leave any form of slimy ‘residuey’ feel to my skin.

The wipes are 100% biodegradable for cleansing whenever, wherever. Plant-based and with natural active ingredients, these wipes are perfect for post-exercise, while travelling, commuting or even at work.  Fully vegan with no sulphates and, if you’re still worried about the waste that might be involved with individual wrappers, no need. Nuasan uses recyclables for its packaging, green electricity and donates 10% of profits to the climate crisis. The wipes are fully compostable.

Active Body Wash.

The key to this product is in the name and if you’re enticed by delicious smelling products, get to know this one! It is primarily a shower gel and it does to the job very well. The magnesium and arnica soothe and repair muscles, especially if you massage it into your niggly areas before rinsing. This to me, also makes it feel oh so self-indulgent which sometimes is oh so necessary. It also lathers really well and infuses the air with a fresh peppermint fragrance.

After a long-run or a particularly hard workout, I found that using this really did help aches and pains. It’s also about as eco-friendly as it gets, too, with packaging made from 100% recycled materials. Additionally, 10% profits going to climate action groups and 98.6% all natural ingredients. 

I’d say it’s a gamechanger for active sports people, due to the unique blend of concentrated natural ingredients. Nuasan also, do not use any SLS/ SLES like other body washes meaning the wash is kinder to your skin. I’ve got the most sensitive skin so when I say I’m hooked, I mean it! No redness was apparent at all.

Active Foot Care.

If you’re someone who suffers from foot odour other similar issues, this could be THEE solution to help prevent issues.

Nuasan active foot care is agreat eco-friendly, natural alternative to a lot of tried-and-tested products on the market. It is proven to prevent nail fungus and athlete’s foot plus, it kills the bacteria that causes foot odour. Give your loved shoesies a little spray after a run, or add it to your shoes and socks for good measure. Of course, it also smells divine!

Active Body Care Sets.

The bodycare kit is the IDEAl gift for active people, both men and women. Each each product scent is neutral, refreshing and natural. A luxury, natural, Irish-made and sustainable set that contains the key bodycare products you need to recover quicker and perform better.

With Christmas on the horizon (I know, I can’t believe I just said that…) why not make this year the year you’re super organised with treating your nearest and dearest to gifts they’ll absoutely love. I’ve personally found in the past, when buying for fellow fitness folk, it can become quite limited to sports wear or vouchers for webstites. These giftsets are a fab alternative and are something a little bit different. Your pals won’t know whats hit them! I’ve also received some insider information that they will be releasing some exclusive Christmas kits this year so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

I absolutely LOVED putting these products to the test, and as someone who has extremely sensitive skin, it’s so important for to find things that actually work! That’s also why I was delighted to have the chance to do a more indepth review on here. It was also a delightful way to get back into writing.


Happy Shopping.

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Amy xo.

* This review was part of a paid partnership, but as always, all views are my own*

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