The fact that 60% of my Instagram includes caffeine in some form has probably given you the clue that I am a huge coffee lover. I might go as far to even say amateur coffee connoisseur. For me, my day (and body) doesn’t start until I’ve had my morning cup’o joe.

My love and obsession with coffee started a few years back, but definitely blossomed whilst living in London. It is is full of incredible independent coffee shops, home to amazing and passionate baristas who can talk their socks off about coffee. This is where I came to really appreciate it, and became more and more interested in the different types of blends, beans and actual flavours as opposed to just needing my fix.

I made a promise to myself that I would stop buying coffee from corporate chains (I’ve made an exception for Pret’s 49p filter when I use my Keepcup) and now that I’m back in Bath, I’m sticking to my guns. So what you’ll find in this section, is a whole host of reviews including my favourite places, favourite blends and much more – in Bath, London & beyond.

Whenever I travel, I’m usually more concerned with the best local places to get our caffeine fix as opposed to hitting the clubs and bars, so, stay tuned for lots of cultural coffee reviews too!

If you know of any hidden gems, please do let me know! I’d love to know some of your favourite spots too so be sure to leave a comment below, email me or let me know on Instagram!

Amy xo.