Lockdown 3.0 – A Guide to What’s Open in Bath!

* I am aiming to regulalry update this page, however, please double check before popping by to see whether
they’re still open as COVID-19 changes*

If you’re an OG, it won’t be news to you that coffee is my one true love. The fact that 60% of my Instagram stories include caffeine pretty much everyday has probably given you the clue that I am a HAUGE coffee lover – I might go as far to even say amateur coffee connoisseur don’tcha know.

My love and o b s e s s i o n with coffee started a few years back, but definitely blossomed whilst living in London. It is littered with incredible independent coffee shops, home to amazing and passionate baristas who can talk ’til the cows come home about coffee. This is where I came to really appreciate it, and became more interested in the different types of blends, beans and actual flavours as opposed to just needing my fix. I promised myself that when I moved back to Bath, I’d keep up my love for finding new indie spots and well, lockdown made that challening but by no means impossible.

I’ve partnered up with the wonderful team at Pixie to share with you some of the AMAZING spots that are still open while we navigate this third lockdown. It’s been hard with a capital H but these spots staying open has made it a little bit more bearable.

Oh, and if I’ve missed any, please please feel free to message me on Instagram @amycousins1. Equally, if you’re a business wanting a little bit of coverage in the form of a review, let me know, I’d love to discuss!

1. Taylors Bagels.

The cosy spot nestled on Walcot Street is quite literally, theee place to be. Focusing on service with a smile, Taylors serves great coffee, great bagels and 10/10 cinnamon buns. The menu is bursting with drool worthy concoctions and if you haven’t already been, you must! My beautiful little sister also works there so if that’s not extra incentive, I don’t know what is!

6 London St, Bath BA1 5BU
Mon – Sun, 8am – 2pm | Pixie Profile.

2. Mjölk.

Situated in the heart of Bath with views of Bath Abbey, Mjölk is the brand new Scandi-influenced cafe. With ‘Fika’ as the concept behind the cafe, it’s the place to go to make time for friends to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat – almond croissants I’m looking at you!

13 Abbey Churchyard, Bath, BA1 1LY
Mon – Sun, 10am- 4pm | Pixie Profile.

3. The Colombian Company.

Another independent speciality cafe in the heart of the city, Colombian Coffee Co. import their beans from farms who struggle to compete with larger, industrial scale farms. Small, cosy and friendly, its a lovely spot nestled down the cobbled pavements. If you’re looking for a tasty to treat to pair with your coffee, the banana bread is exceptional!

6 Abbeygate St, Bath BA1 1NP
Mon – Sun 8am – 5pm | Pixie Profile.

4. Cortado Cafe.

‘But first Cortado’ – a motto I can totally get on board with. This British-Argentinian cafe is perfect for coffee or a takeaway lunch. Situated on Bridge Street, it’s easy to find and easy to return to time and again!

7 Bridge Street Bath BA2 4AS
Mon – Sun 9am – 4:30pm | Pixie Profile.

5. Cascara.

Although not currently open, Cascara announced that this week, they’ll be reopening their doors 10 March and I CANNOT wait! Specialising in vegan treats, this is one to put on your radar and one to return too as soon as the world goes back to normal

3 Upper Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1RG
10 March 2021 | Pixie Profile.

Bath is home to so many incredible indie spots and now more than ever, is a time when we need to come together to support local and get behind these wonderful cafes. Pixie helps to put these businesses on our radar.

Pixie was created as a way to defend and enable indies to thrive in an ever changing world – COVID-19 being a perfect example of that. Without the app, I wouldn’t have known about these amazing spots so if you don’t know, my advice is to get to know and download it via the App Store today!

Last but not least, I really do hope everyone is doing okay this third lockdown. This week, we were given a bit of news that has hopefully managed to lift everyones spirits a little. If not, please don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s been a really challenging time for us all. Take everyday as it comes. Find joy in the little things and remember, better days are coming.

Amy xo.

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