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TRIB3 Bristol: Get ready to sweat it out at their new studio!

Move over home workouts and park bootcamps, there’s a new kid on the block in Bristol and its NOT for the faint hearted…

But don’t let that deter you from giving it a go, it’s worth every drop of sweat!

Venue: TRIB3 Bristol
Class: Various timings throughout the week
Location: The Courtrooms, Rupert Street, Bristol BS1 2AF
Blowout or budget: First session is £10, includes heart rate monitor + strap!

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, TRIB3 opened their doors in Bristol (wahoo), which makes it the third TRIB3 studio within the UK. I was invited down to try out one of their signature sweat classes, here’s my verdict!

The details.

To me, TRIB3 stands out for several reasons. Firstly, the boutique high-end feel. When you step inside the studio, you’ll and notice the homey vibes, rustic interior, custom lighting, shake bar and retail area.

Secondly, the intensity of the sessions and if HIIT is a bit of you, then TRIB3 is a bit of you – they don’t do things by half. It’s TRI training approach, aka Treadmill, Resistance and Intensity, will challenge you in all sorts of ways, targeting muscles that might be slightly untapped!

The workouts are structured in a unique but specific way, blending heart-racing treadmill intervals, resistance training, finishing with a full-body blast on the air bikes (also known as the pain cave machine).

The low-down.

The 42-space studio offers a 45-minute instructor lead workout across the three zones listed above. The main difference that I think is really important to mention is the focus on being in YOUR sweat zone and this is achieved via the SWEAT BAND, also known as TRIB3’s own heart-rate monitor.

The band across your chest or under your sports bra gals, and links to digital screens which are dotted around the studio. You can track your progress live during the session, see your SWEAT summary afterwards and also check out your stats via the SWEAT app.

Monitoring your heart rate means you can see when you’re really testing yourself which I found to be very motivating. Admittedly, I was a little worried there would be a huge focus on number of calories burnt during the session, but I was really pleasantly surprised as this was actually something that was barely mentioned. The focus was really on raising your heartrate and focusing on YOURSELF. The stats of your fellow TIRB3r’s don’t mean anything.

Before taking to the swanky changing rooms and shower-goodies, the instructors invite you to take a few minutes to cool-down post-class with lavender-scented face towels!!

The team.

Oh where to start, the team are just amazing. The meet-and-greet on the door is a really lovely addition and I think it’s what sets boutique studios apart from commercial based gyms. That ‘Hello, how was your day’ really can put a smile on your face. The instructors are enthusiastic, motivational and FUN!

Something else I feel is really important to mention is the language that was used during the class, and I think this is something that all instructors should focus on. ‘Earn to burn’/ ‘Sweat is fat crying’ are phrases that YOU WILL NEVER HEAR – how bloody refreshing.

Classes and studios I’ve been to before have really focused on this type of language and I know that for me, its actually the last thing I want to hear when I’m working out. I want to focus on the positives of working out, not my body changing or shrinking.

The mixology bar.

If you’re looking for an immediate refuel, they’ve got you covered. I tried the vegan ginger shake and it was delish. The mixology bar has all the ingredients you’ll need for the perfect recovery!

Thank you so much TRIB3 for having me, I honestly had an absolute blast and genuinely look forward to turning up time and time again.

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P.S. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram for something very fun coming soon!

Top tip: Take the morning off on Friday and enjoy brunch with your pals at Spicer and Cole! The almond croissants are to die for!

Amy xo.

*I was kindly invited to TRIB3, but as always all views are my own*.

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