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The Cakery.

Venue: The Cakery
Location: Bath, BA2 4LD
Blowout or budget: Budget! Prices range from £2 – £8, depending on how hungry you are!

Some people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I say, brunch is.

If you’ve read the Brunch n Grind portion of my blog, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time brunching whether that’s with my Brunch n Grind babes, my boyfriend, or getting creative in my kitchen. It’s my favourite way to spend a lazy Sunday morning or refuel after a big workout.

Having had some incredible brunches whilst living in London, being back in Bath meant it was time to scope out my new playing ground!

If you’re looking for a relatively undiscovered place to enjoy a healthy brunch, I urge you to head to The Cakery. Located just outside of Bath’s city centre in Widcome, the area has been brought back to life with a mixture of local boutique shops, florists and restaurants. Widcome is raising the bar when it comes to supporting local independent businesses and exists as a perfect space to have a wander and catch up with friends.

Lovingly owned and ran by Ella, The Cakery is an Artisan bakery committed to producing home baked goods using fresh, local and ethical ingredients – all vegetarian, with vegan, gluten free and sugar free options.

Having known Ella for a few years, I just had to take a trip to see her amazing cafe, and seeing as I’d missed Mothers’ Day, I knew it would be the perfect place to treat my lovely little Mum and sister. We visited one Friday, mid-morning, and thinking with our tummies first, headed straight for the food menu, trying to start with a savoury option before diving into the cakes.

My sister and I opted for poached eggs on homemade GF toast, while my mum was lured in by Ella’s homemade granola and almond milk; all washed down with a cup of delicious bean shot coffee.


Leaving just enough room for cake, we couldn’t leave without trying some of Ella’s mouth watering homemade tasty bakes. We went for a slice of the spiced orange cake and vegan, gluten free carrot cake. UN-believable.

Friendly service, lovingly-prepared food all served in a beautiful setting, The Cakery gets 5 stars from me! I can’t recommend this lovely location enough!

Get yourself down to The Cakery and take advantage of its calming yet gorgeous setting whilst it remains tourist free!

For more info, call  01225 684936 or email
Click here to visit The Cakery.
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Amy xo.

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