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Artisan Fudge Making at Fudge Kitchen.

Fudge Kitchen UK has been hand-crafting original recipe fudge for over 35 years using traditional methods and a whole lot of love. The original Fudge Kitchen opened in 1983 after founder Jim Garrahy discovered that making fudge the American way (whipping cream as opposed to butter) produced a creamier and softer fudge. 30 years on, Fudge Kitchen is still making it this way and it’s now sold in Bath, York, Cambridge, Canterbury, Windsor, Edinburgh and Oxford.

Their fudge is ‘devilishly different’ to any other fudge that you will have tasted before and I can 100% vouch for that. Its artisan, luxury and delicious. Which is why, when the opportunity arose to head into the shop for a Fudge Making Workshop, it was an opportunity and experience I was not about to turn down!

If you haven’t been to Fudge Kitchen before, you won’t quite understand the rich smells and rows upon rows of coloured slabs that just beg to be eaten. I wish I could somehow translate it into words!

Fudge Kitchen is located directly opposite the Abbey, right in the centre of the historic and beautiful city of Bath. On a very wet and miserable Saturday, we headed toward the shop and were immediately hit with the smell of hot sweet fudge. It’s safe to say THAT brightened up our morning!

10:30am might seem like an unusual time for a fudge making experience, but fudge for breakfast is absolutely acceptable. We were invited down to taste test their new range of Vegan fudge seeing as November is #WorldVeganMonth and due to obvious contamination reasons, they make these batches first.

Ian, the manager of the Bath branch, greeted with the warmest of welcomes and a bottomless tray of fudge. Both vegan and non-vegan may I add. There was more than enough fudge for the three of us, but if at any point you need topping up, the fudge makers are more than happy to do so. It really is a foodie’s paradise!

Aprons and hats on (they’re a requirement or so we were told…) we immersed ourselves in all things fudge.

The impressive copper-lined cauldron quickly heats up the boiling fudge sending aromas of sugar and chocolate around the shop – we were making Vegan Chocolate Orange.

The food nerd in me was dying to know and discover how perfect fudge is made and we were taught that is by a combination of factors including heat, humidity, temperature (even of the shop) and of course, ingredients. Vegan fudge takes slightly longer to cook and cool because of the substitutes. We watched the fudge bubble away waiting for it to reach a staggering 193 degrees.

As soon as it reached temperature, the hot fudge was poured onto the marble cooling frame. Rich, glossy and so thick, we let it set for around 5 minutes before using a paddle like tool (also known as a loafer) to push, fold and knead the fudge around the table.

Fun fact, fudge is HEAVY, and after a few goes, I hung up my apron and let the pros get to work. We watched as they transformed the liquid fudge into a log-shaped loaf of firm fudge. It really does take skill to get it right. Apparently, the perfect slice is 197 grams. But me being me, somehow managed to turn that into 230 grams. I do always say I love sweet treats!!

By the time our batch was ready, I was practically drooling with anticipation even though we’d already made our way through 5 other flavours…

From the rich dark chocolate orange to maple pecan, each piece of fudge is so full of flavour, has incredible texture and is mouthwateringly decadent.

Another thing to mention about the Fudge Kitchen especially in Bath, is that they really care about how they make their fudge. Ian was so enthusiastic but it was so genuine. He was completely upfront with how it’s made, the ingredients that they use and also why. No question was a silly one.

At Fudge Kitchen, there is a flavour for every tastebud and every occasion. And if you still can’t decide, the classic salted caramel is always a crowd pleaser. As I write this, I’m reaching for another square.

I’d like to again, say another huge thank you to the wonderful staff at Fudge Kitchen in Bath – you were amazing!

To find out more about Fudge Kitchen, visit their website here.
Book your own experience here! I promise you won’t regret it.

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Amy xo.

*Our Fudge Experience was gifted but as always, all views are my own*.

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