Are you functioning on high alert, at 100 miles an hour and letting stress overtake your life? If so, its time to reclaim, re-set and make time for a bit of well deserved self-care.

It’s become such a buzzword in the wellness industry and whilst I’m sure we all have our own individual definition, lets go back to what the English Dictionary defines it as.

Self-care is…

“…Any necessary human regulatory function, which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.  It is an activity that we do to deliberately take care of our mental, emotional and physical health”.

The definition is pretty open and leads us to think that self-care can really be anything that will benefit our well being whether it be mentally or physically.

For me, self-care Saturday’s and/ or Sunday’s are all about taking time to go to and do things that make me feel truly relaxed, happy and content.

Going to a yoga class, baking (most of my recipe ideas and baking happens on a Sunday!), painting my nails, treating myself to a nice breakfast – those sorts of things.

That is however, not to say I don’t spend time with others, or don’t make time for others. My family, boyfriend and friends fall under making me happy, relaxed and content. There’s a balance between spending time with others, and spending time with yourself. And recently, I’ve actually enjoyed my own company. Something I never thought I’d say.

So with the above in mind, here are a few easy tips and ideas as to how you can start incorporating a bit more self-care into routine.

1. Check something off your to do list FIRST.

If you’re anything like me, you love a good list. Does this make me a bit type A? Probably… But I find that by keeping a to-do-list helps to make tasks seem less daunting and when you do sit down to do your self-care activity, it’ll help you to see what you’ve also accomplished that day. There is also something so rewarding about ticking an item off!

2. Start small & be mindful.

Be really mindful about what the activity is that you want to do – do you want to start reading for 30 minutes a day? Or perhaps yoga? It can be really easy to slip into a Netflix ‘n Chill binge for 10 hours and call it self-care (we’ve all been there!) but being mindful about the activities you’re choosing and WHY you’re choosing them promotes the feeling of caring for our bodies.

3. There’s no one size fits all.

We all need to recharge and take care of ourselves and this will look different for everyone. Some of us need complete alone time whereas others may want to be around others and partake in an exercise class or go for brunch. Both options are more than okay! There’s no one right way to practice self-care, the only requirement is to be in tune with yourself.

4. Consistency is key.

Once you find what works for you and makes you feel good, stick with it! Incorporate these activities into your daily or weekend routines.  Maybe that Sunday yoga class makes an appearance on a Tuesday after work. That book you couldn’t put down? Maybe you re-read a couple chapters every now and then. Sunday brunch with the girls? Schedule it in to make it happen twice a month. Whatever it is that makes you feel lighter, happier and truly cared for, keep doing it.

How do you define self-care and what does it mean to you? I’d love to hear from you and maybe pick up some new tips & tricks that work for you!


Amy xo.

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