What’s in store for Fitness in 2019?

With January well and truly here, I’m sure you’ve started the see the fitness, health and well-being trends of 2019 starting to float about.

And with everyone talking about their New Years Resolutions and the inevitable #newyearnewme hashtag trending, I decided to take a look and what the experts have predicted for fitness in 2019.

There were some that listed exercise underwater (think dumbbells in the deep end) but the cost of it was CRAZY and not to mention a bit ridiculous. So I decided to leave ‘those’ trends off. I’m all for thinking outside the box, but for me that’s a teeeeeny bit too far.

These are the Top 5 Trends that I found most interesting, most applicable to me and most also most realistic in terms of twenty-something year olds!

  1. Tracking Technology.
  2. Group Training.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Exercise as Medicine.
  5. HIIT/ Bodyweight Training.

1. Tracking Technology.

Think wearable technology. FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmins etc. These devices track heart rate, calories burnt, step count, resting heart rate and more. I’ve had a FitBit since 2016 and I honestly love it. I recently upgraded to the Versa and love it more! It now has the ability to link with Strava, and also has a ‘relax’ setting. Perfect for when you just need a minute to de-stress or breathe.

2. Group Training.

In all honesty, I wasn’t surprised to see this on the list. It’s motivational, inclusive and fun. Everything that exercise should be. When I lived in London, I quite often went to classes and running clubs. Since moving back to Bath that has slipped a bit. But now that likes of ClassPass & Move GB have made their way to the South West, I’m definitely going to be getting back into it.


Yoga has taken on a variety of forms over the past couple years. Power Yoga, Yogailates, Forrest Yoga, Hot Yoga – you name it and there is probably a class out there. There’s no denying that yoga is fashionable and if the poses on Instagram weren’t enough to make you want to try it, the plethora of studios opening up across the UK might do so. I’ve decided that this is the year I get serious about my practice and start saving for my 200 hr YTT. Wish me luck!!

4. Exercise as Medicine.

Think of this as training your brain more than your body. Mindfulness has been on the rise for the last couple years and I am so happy to see it. The premise behind mindfulness is to encourage you to live in the moment and exist in the present via the use of breathing and meditation. It’s been proven to reduce anxiety, worry and stress. Sounds a bit lofty I know, but bear with me.

If we were able to transfer that mindful attitude into exercise and how we exercise, it would translate to moving with intention and being aware of your whole body. How it feels and how it makes YOU feel being forefront of that. So rather than beasting your body and hating every minute of exercise, it encourages you to use your body effectively and consciously. This is something I started to put into practice toward the end of last year and something I’m aiming to continue in 2019.

5. HIIT/ Bodweight Training.

I think we can probably thank our pal Joe Wicks for this one! Bodyweight training is all about using your own bodyweight as the training modality. Requiring little to no equipment, it’s an inexpensive functional way to get your body moving effectively. No gym? No problem. Toward the end of some of my workouts, I’ve been adding in some bodyweight/ HIIT style movements just to up my heart rate and I’ve been really enjoying it.

I’ve also uploaded some bodyweight ab circuits to my IG, so if you’re in the market for some ideas, be sure to check them out!

One thing I really loved about doing this research was discovering that there has been such a clear shift in the reasoning behind why people now exercise. It’s become more than just to train. People want to feel better and more dynamic in their lives so they’re adding in exercise and movement. Loosing weight isn’t necessarily the driving factor anymore. Hallelujah!!

Do you think you’ll adopt any of these trends this year? If so, which ones do you find most appealing? I’d love to hear from you. Please do feel free to send me a DM, an email or leave a comment below.

As always, Happy Moving!

Amy xo.


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