5 Fabulous & Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas.

Picture this. Its 9:30pm, you’ve had your dinner but you’re still peckish and in the market for a nighttime snack. Or, maybe you’ve had a super hectic day and need something to end it on a high. Sound familiar?

I quite often get hankerings in the evenings and going to bed with an empty stomach doesn’t do anyone any favours. Do you struggle to think of late night snack ideas because you don’t want to be too full? Well, fear not! Here are some of my favourite late-night, healthy, snack ideas that I can guarantee will satisfy your sweet or savoury needs.

1. PB & J on Rice Cakes.

PB & J. Well, it’s just a winning combination isn’t it? Not many people in my family like peanut butter, meaning it is aaalll mine. I’ve been caught red handed with a spoon in my Pip & Nut almond butter on more than one occasion, but when it tastes that good, it can be excused. Swapping out toast for a rice cake makes it a slightly lighter snack and will mean you don’t go to bed feeling too full. Plus it means more space for nut butter & jam – win win!

2. Yoghurt & Berries.

Yoghurt is a fab source of protein and probiotic bacteria both, which are great for your digestive system. Light and full of flavour, why not add some fresh berries again curbing any hankerings for sugary treats. It doesn’t quite replace pic-a-mix (and if you want pic-a-mix, absolutely have it) but at 11PM it’ll mean you don’t need to take a trip to your local shop.

3. Popcorn.

The ultimate cinema snack can double up as your midnight snack! Popcorn is one my absolute go to snacks for a variety of reasons. Its low-calorie (coming in at around 100 kcals), the choice of flavours are almost endless, AND, it takes a while to get through. Propercorn has to be my go-to-brand and my no.1 flavour is peanut butter & almond. It tastes buttery and feels utterly indulgent, but isn’t going to push you over the edge.

4. Hummus & Veggies.

Vegetables are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals so are the perfect late night snack. The crunch from veggies such as carrots, cucumber or celery will satisfy your need to nibble, and hummus not only tastes delicious, but also is a great source of ‘healthy fats’ – guaranteed to satisfy those hunger pangs whilst also being delicious and nutritious!

5. Cereal.

Anyone else think cereal tastes waaaay better at nighttime? Well I sure do. Light and relatively easy to digest, cereal is a perfect go to snack. Craving something sweet? Why not add some sweetened almond or oat milk to hush your sweet tooth.

Give these tasty late night snacks a go and let me know what you think! If you’ve got any other nighttime go-to’s, I’d love to know! I post daily Instagram snaps and stories so be sure to check there for what I’m snacking on!

Amy xo.

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