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Celebrating International Women’s Day with Superdrug.

I’m sure you’ll have noticed that Friday 8th March 2019, was International Women’s Day and if you didn’t, where were you?!

I don’t think I’ve ever known IWD to be so heavily celebrated or talked about. The media (and my social feed!) was littered with messages celebrating female empowerment and showcasing what women have achieved.

Writing this, I realise that this is what a normal day should look like not just one day a year. Nonetheless, it was amazing to see so many incredible women come together to celebrate and speak out what they stand for.

I had the pleasure of celebrating for 2 days. Firstly, a sweaty social with a group of my favourite #fitnessfemales at one of my all time favourite studios Fly LDN X Esquared followed by some serious girl bosses at Superdrug. It’s safe to say I was really feeling the girl power.

The Superdrug Event was held at their HQ which I very quickly spotted thanks to the notable pink star.

Upon entry it looked perfectly office like, but then I was pointed to the direction of the event and WOW. Think rose flower walls, props, a nail and eyebrow bar, breakfast buffet and more! Major millennial dreams.

The event was littered with empowering posters and signs promoting #BalanceForBetter, this years strapline.

Photos taken, stomachs full (thank you mini avo sandwiches!!) we took to our seats for the panel and IWD conversation.

The panel was lead by AJ Odudu TV Presenter, who was joined by…

Clemmie Telford – The Mother of All Lists
Dr Pixie McKenna – Health Expert & TV Presenter
Jenny Scott – founder of Mothers’ Meeting
Amy Davies – Superdrug Head of People

I’ll admit, I wasn’t totally familiar with everyone on the panel, so I did my homework before hand and I am SO glad I did.

Clemmie Telford my word, is super woman. I was in complete awe of her. She was frank, real and made her opinions known – which I LOVED. That was one thing I definitely took away from the event. The women on the panel didn’t agree with each other, they had opposing, sometimes contradictory opinions and it was great.

So bloody great to see women using their voice to *politely* challenge what the other was saying. Let me say though, there was no malice, competition or talking over one another. It was amicable and light hearted but, very informative and powerful.

We discussed the following topics …

  1. What are the issues facing women today?
  2. Is technology helping or hindering?
  3. Is ‘having it all’ what modern women want?

Before opening the floor to questions. Jenny Scott held owned the questions all whilst holding and nursing a 2 year old yet, didn’t flinch and didn’t apologise when the mic was dropped or dribbled on . Why should she after all? She’s a mother, a business owner and has managed to perfect the art of doing both.

Panel over, it was time to mingle. There were some of my favourite blogger babes at the event so it was lovely to catch up over food, photos (ofc) and conversation.

Another thing I took away from the event was how I left feeling as though I could do anything I set my mind too. And I really mean that.

My train journey back to Bath was probably one of the most productive journeys I’ve ever had and I put it down to the women above.

Thank you so much to Superdrug for putting on such an inspirational event – I already can’t wait for the next!

Did you celebrate International Women’s Day? If so, let me know! Let’s keep the conversation going year round!

Amy xo.

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