ClassPass has finally arrived in Bristol!

Have you heard of ClassPass? If not, fear not. This post will explain everything you need to know.

ClassPass is a unique membership that allows you to mix up your workouts within one membership. You have the ability to visit so many studios, try out lots of different classes and enjoy a variety of workouts, from Pilates, to Yoga to HIIT – there is something for absolutely everyone!


Once you’ve signed up and started your membership, you’ll login through the app and then you’re all set. You can start sifting your way through all the studios and classes. You can use the filters to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for and where e.g. ‘Bristol, Yoga’.

Once you’ve selected the studio, you’ll be able to view the timetable and reserve your spot. Shortly after you’ll then receive a confirmation email.

*Something to mention at this point is the cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 12 hours before the class, you’ll be charged £15 and if you miss it all together, its £20. With that in mind, I’ve not once missed a class! (Pretty good incentive if you ask me!)


I loved the variety and booking into classes becomes v. addictive. It’s so easy to reserve and cancel a class if needs be. When you arrive at the studio, the process is so easy. If it’s your first time, you might have to sign a waver, but that only happened once and took no time at all.

As someone who loves being able to try out new classes, it’s ideal. I really enjoyed being able to incorporate more yoga into my training and found it helped so much with my mobility and flexibility. Similarly, if you find yourself doing quite a bit of yoga or lower-impact exercise, mixing it up with a HIIT or boxing class will make for a nice change.

I really appreciated adding in the extra classes into my usual workout regime because sometimes I don’t necessarily push myself to my limits; so having an instructor to keep you in check massively helps!


I’ve listed my top 3 favourite classes and studios below and given them a rating out of 5. Everyone loves a rating right?


 Yoga for every body.

Located in the centre of Bristol, Pacific Yoga is a beautifully fresh, clean yoga studio that caters for everyone. No matter what shape you’re in, how bendy you are, age or ability, there is something for everyone. Hot yoga, Pilates or Astanga – Pacific Yoga has it all.

The classes promote strengthening your body, mind and spirit all the while working on creating space and bringing awareness to how you feel throughout.

They also understand how important the overall experience of the studio is and have worked hard on ensuring that it is just that…an experience. The bathrooms are fully equipped with all showering essentials, hair dryers and straighteners so if you’re nipping in at lunchtime, you can get straight back to work afterwards looking spic n’ span.

You’ll also find Café Matariki conveniently located inside the studio. They have a fresh, seasonal and mouth-watering menu with vegan, gluten and dairy-free options. Think snacks, salads, smoothies, sweet treats and of course, coffee. So after you’ve finished your downward dog, you can refuel and rehydrate all in one place. Perfection.

I was lucky enough to head to the ClassPass x Bristol opening night and had the pleasure of trying out Hot Yoga. Since then, I’ve been back twice and even took my Mum along for the flow. I’m hooked to the calming and peaceful atmosphere that Pacific Yoga has created and every time I go back, it’s like a slice of bliss.

Rating: 4/5
Almost 5 stars and the only negative for me is that I’m a big fan of working out first thing in the morning – and the majority of the classes at Pacific Yoga are in the evenings. Absolutely ideal for those who want to workout after work though!


 I’ve been a fan of spinning since what feels like the dawn of time so when I saw that ‘The Spin Bar’ was available on ClassPass, I knew I had to give it a go.

Located in the newly refurbished, but beautiful, Bristol Harbourside, The Spin Bar is a unique place where fitness fanatics are able to enjoy a spin class, then, grab a post-workout drink and bite to eat all under one roof. Alcoholic, or not, the choice is yours.

Owners Gavin & Steve wanted everyone to be able to exercise together regardless of fitness levels, and that’s one of my favourite elements of spin classes. You don’t need to be an expert or Tour de France wannabe to be able to enjoy it. You just need to ride.

My sister and I prepped ourselves for the 45-minute ride and enjoyed every minute. The class was small which allowed for serious attention to detail ensuring our bikes were set up properly, and checking we were loading on the resistance when needed. (Warning: spin instructors know when you’re not turning up the dial!!)

I’ve booked in for my next class and I’m looking forward to riding to the bar once again.

 Rating: 4/5
Again almost perfect, but classes are only available at weekends so might not work for everyone’s schedule. They also book up quite quickly as there are limited number of bikes.

* Unfortunately, there isn’t any on-site parking and the closest car park is quite pricey but of course this cannot be helped.


‘Sweat less, burn more’ is pretty much how I’d describe a class at Barrecore. I’ve written a full write-up about my experience at the Barre (which you can find here) but I cannot recommend it enough. You don’t have to be a prima ballerina to take part and once you’ve mastered the moves, you’ll really start to notice and reap the benefits!

The Bristol studio is one that is welcoming, warm and friendly. I’ve been back three times and on my fourth trip, convinced my Mum to join in. We loved it. Not only the workout, but the whole experience.

With so many boutique gyms opening, it’s now not only the class that matters. It’s how you feel entering the studio and how you feel during and after the class. I can tell you now, we felt completely rejuvenated. The calming room diffusers, fancy soaps and smiley staff keep you wanting to go back for more!

Rating: 5/5
Full marks. I struggle to find fault with Barrecore!

ClassPass is also available in over 50 cities and due to its class credits system, you can book classes in any city ClassPass is in.

I still travel to London quite often and its great being able to schedule in some classes whilst I’m there. I’m also off to San Francisco in November and absolutely cannot WAIT to try some of the classes in the States!

Have you tried ClassPass? If so, what did you think? I’d love to hear from you!

Amy xo.

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