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No Bake Pecan Pie Bars.

So, I made these bars the day I got back from Italy. I prioritisted making snacks for the week over going ‘proper’ food shopping… But at least something was prepped, right?

I’m really loving ‘no bakerecipes and even more so when they take next to no time at all.

I’ve also found that making my own has saved me quite a lot of money on shop bought snacks. Sure, the initial cost of ingreidents can seem steep, but when you work out the price per portion, you really will be surprised at how little each bite costs!

Not only that, but it also means you have complete control of what goes in. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve had stomach and gut issues in the past and when I’m stressed, worried or out of sync, it tends to resurface. And of course, post holiday it’s been all out of sorts.

Just knowing what I’m putting into my food puts my mind at ease and ensures I can keep an eye of things. As much as I LOVE a good protein bar, these are sometimes the worst things to eat!

One of my favourite ‘raw’ bars has to be the Pecan Pie Fruit & Nut by Nakd. HOWEVER, the base is made with dates and these aren’t sitting that well with me at the moment.

As I’m sure you all know, dates act as a great base ingredient because everything sticks to them. But lucky for you, these bars keep their shape without the help of dates. SUCCESS.

In terms of texture then, they’re slighly crumbly but deceptively satisfying! One square goes a long way trust me.

Loaded with pecans, spices and nut butter they’re low cal, vegan, gluten and sugar free!

Serving Size.

Makes 8 bites.



1. Line a try with baking paper.
2. Blitz the pecans and almonds until fine.
3. Add the almond butter, sweetener, chia seeds, blend until combined.
4. Add the milk until it resembles a batter (add more if needed).
5. Transfer the mixture to the tray, press into place and put in the freezer.
6. Leave to set for around 2 hours.
7. Slice & enjoy!

TOP TIP: The best method when freezing these no bake bars is to freeze them individually wrapped in greaseproof paper. Because of the high percentage of nuts used, they’re naturally quite oily but don’t let this put you off!

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This recipe is also posted on my Instagram so if you don’t already, be sure to follow me for foodie updates!

Amy xo.

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