Staying Motivated at Home.

For most of us, working out at home is going to take some getting used too. Those of us who are used to fully equipped gyms, classes and anyone who trains using additional equipment will know and be able to admit that this is a tough transition. But, it is what it is. We can’t change it, but what we can do is make the most of what we’ve got. I’ve also felt somewhat reassured knowing that everyone is in the same boat.

We’ve been given the unwanted gift of time, so let’s use this to our advantage and get creative. You don’t need to build a home gym, or spend £££’s on ordering equipment I promise you and that’s what I want to address here.

Establishing a new routine in any environment is hard let alone during a Global Pandemic but I wanted to share a couple of tips for staying motivated to exercise and move your body whilst at home.

1. Get out of your pjs and put your favourite activewear on.

If like the rest of the nation, you’re working from home and might be staying in loungewear for 97% of the day. However, when it comes to exercising in the same surroundings you’re eating, sleeping, working and relaxing in, its super important to establish a positive and different association with your workout space. A super simple way to achieve that? Get changed. You want to avoid any negative or lethargic associations with working out so put your favourite sports bra on and get moving.

2. Schedule it in.

Before you made the transition to home workouts, I’m sure you were scheduling your exercise around the rest of your day or working day. Do the same now. Before work, during your lunch break or after work – factor it into your day. Block it out and make sure you stick to it. It will also help to normalise this very strange situation.

3. Find a really good playlist.

We all know how powerful music can be. I know that for me, a really good playlist can be so motivating and is quite often the difference between a mediocre and amazing session. There is nothing quite like it when you’re in the zone and your favourite song comes on! One of my favourite songs at the moment is James Blakes ‘I Need A Forest Fire‘. It makes me feel like I’m flying when I’m on a run. Sounds airy fairy, but trust me.

4. Find a friend.

If your housemates are fit and well, get them involved. Working out with someone else can be super motivating and also means you’re less likely to skip a session if you’ve agreed to a time slot. If you live by yourself, get on ZOOM! Lots of PT’s are also offering virtual sessions. My friend Grace is – drop her an email if you’re interested (@gb.professionalfit).

5. Create a designated ‘workout space’.

I’ve never felt luckier to have a garden. We’ve managed to create a little outdoor space that allows us to move and do our sessions. If you’ve got a spare room or a garage, you could do the same. But saying that, you can roll out your yoga mat in your living room it might just require moving a few pieces of furniture but that could count as part of the workout right?!

6. Embrace the outdoors (if you can) – #5KADay.

Here in the UK, we’re allowed out once a day for exercise. If that remains for the foreseeable (which I really hope it does) utilise it. As long as its safe to do so and you’re adhering to the social distancing guidelines, set up a little station in the park and get moving.

I’ve also started a little challenge on my Instagram which I would LOVE for you to get involved in if you want and are able too. It’s #5KADay and this can be a walk or a run. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a different country or a different time zone – wherever you are in the world, you can take part. I want everyone to feel like they can be part of this little community. So much has changed recently but this can remain as something consistent in a time that seems to be wildly inconsistent.

7. Remember this situation is temporary.

It’s a bloody challenging situation there is no doubt about it. But, we are here and we cannot control it unfortunately. One thing that I’ve found comforting is knowing that every single person out there is also experiencing this. It doesn’t make it any easier, but it does put it into perspective. Ride the rollercoaster of emotions you might be feeling and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It will end. Another thing to remember is that we are very lucky to be in a position to exercise. There are some people who would love to be able to exercise and move in the ways we can. When it feels tough, remember it is a privilege to be able to move and grove in ways that we enjoy.

I hope this helps and remember, if you’re not ready to workout at home yet you do not have too. It’s a turbulent time and it’s so important to put yourself and your mental health first. Everything else can wait until you’re ready.

If you’re looking for some home friendly workout ideas*, I’ve included some of the ones we’ve been doing below. If you try any of them, please let me know!!

*Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified PT, or expert in anyway. These are just some of the home workouts we’ve been doing and loving. Minimal equipment, minimal space and LOTS of fun.

Stay positive, you’re doing AMAZING.

Amy xo.

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