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The Best Loungewear For Any Budget.

Hands up if you saw this topic coming…

So many of us have had our routines thrown into disarray over the past few weeks and for a lot of people, working from home is a concept they never knew they’d have to get to grips with. Trying to keep to a routine, stay motivated and not let those PJs turn into your uniform is not the easiest thing to master.

As someone who has worked from home for a little while now, I’d love to know if you’d be interested in some tips and tricks to make the next however long, a little more manageable? Perhaps a ‘how-to stick-to-your-routine’ in a new environment? Or, how to keep the motivation high with so much upheaval? If so, let me know in the comments below.

At the beginning of lockdown, I made myself a promise to wake up, shower and get dressed every morning even if that meant putting on a clean pair of joggers, a bra and a comfy t-shirt. If you’re anything like me, you’ve upgraded your jogger and dad’s t-shirt combo to a slightly more fasHUN and appropriate look. Simply put, now I can actually been seen outdoors in my comfies.

I was v. kindly sent this beautiful set from MP (a new performance led training apparel brand) and honestly, I’m so impressed. I’m actually very fussy when it comes to loungewear because the fit has to be just right and this was spot on.

With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a little list of 5 ways you can make your loungewear look expensive, chic and top dollar! I’m no fashion blogger and I’m absolutely not going to take that crown, but it was quite fun to channel my love for fashion. I hope you enjoy!

1. Tonal Dressing.

Tonal dressing is a huge vibe this season (or so Google tells me). A matching top and bottom seems like such a simple thing to choose, but the results are far more impressive than mismatching. Grey on grey is my new favourite colour combo.

2. Make It Fitted.

When choosing loungewear and cosy clothing, quite often you’ll find the fit of your pieces are far looser than your normal wardrobe (hallelujah). So, pull that drawstring in at the waist and tuck that top into your waistband to create more shape. Even better, order one of these cropped tee’s and pair it with your joggers. Sorted!

3. Layers.

Definitely a tip more suited to British weather but adding a fitted layer over the top of your loungewear can look fab. I’ll be honest, this isn’t a look I’ve mastered yet, but I saw a lady in Sainsbury’s pairing joggers and a black blazer – she looked amazing!

4. Accessorises.

If you know me, you’ll know I adore jewellery. I wear 7 rings and 3 necklaces – never too many. I also love pairing any and all outfits with sunglasses. It adds such a fab finishing touch. Throw on a chunky necklace , a pair of earrings and your biggest glasses – sorted!

5. Mix & Match.

If you don’t want to embrace a full tonal look with a relaxed top and bottom, then try mixing and matching. The contrast between a fitted top and a looser bottom is also a much simpler first step to styling your new loungewear outside.

I ordered from the Raw Training Collection and size wise, the range does come up a little bigger in tops. Ideal because comfort is key after all. Speaking of training, I did also do a little yoga flow in the outfit which I think just solidifies the versatility of the new range.

Shop my FULL loungewear look here!

Joggers / Vest / Tee

Happy Shopping and Happy Lounging.

Amy xo.

* I was very kindly gifted this loungewear but as ever, all views are my own and honest.

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